How does the driving test work


Practical exam for driving a car

Before your practical test, you can test your progress with an interim test. The test is a driving test which works as a real test with an examiner of the CBR. It is a good opportunity to get used to the driving test and to take away any nervousness. After the interim test, the examiner will tell you the areas you need to work on, in order to succeed. You will have to agree to this line of improvement, with your driving instructor, during the lessons.

The practical test for car lasts 55 minutes. Of these, fifteen minutes are for an introduction and for the explanation of the result after the actual test. So you drive on average between 35 and 40 minutes during the exam! You can also ask your instructor to ride with the practical and to be present at the final meeting so that you can learn more from the exam. However, the instructor cannot enter sometimes, as the examiner in training gets priority. Discuss in advance with your instructor! Introspection candidate CBR (form)
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In the test center, you are first introduced to the examiner. He will ask you if you know the course of the examination.

After verifying your identity and theory certificate he will hand you a sealed form. This form lists your strong and weak points when driving. You can discuss the remarks made in this form after the exam results.
Next is an eye test, in the parking lot, where you must be able to read a license plate of a car stopped at a distance of approximately 25 meters.

Vehicle Inspection

Then, the examiner will ask you to perform some preparatory and control operations on the test car. These may include questions about the tires, fluids under the hood, lights, wipers, knobs heating, dashboard lights, etc. So prepare yourself well!

The ride

Next begins the ride. The examiner watches include your control of the vehicle, viewing habits, how you prioritize and regard other road users. He judges you on seven considerations:

1. Pulling away
2. Driving on straight and winding stretches of road
3. Behavior near and at junctions
4. Entering and stopping
5. Overtaking and lateral movement
6. Conduct at close and special sections
7. Special maneuvers

As part of the driving test, you will have to drive independently for ten to fifteen minutes to a certain destination. It may be to a certain town or village, or to a specific point, such as building or church.

If you have earned an exemption during the interim test for special maneuvers, this component is not taken.

Errors during the driving test

During the test, the examiner gives you every opportunity to see what you can. You need not be entirely flawless, it’s about the overall picture. It is important how you respond to other traffic and whether you are master of the situation. In short, the examiner looks at whether you have enough to drive safely and independently in traffic.
Pass the driving test

Immediately after the test, the examiner tells the examination center in the results.
If you pass the exam, the examiner will issue a Declaration, which lists your driving ability and suitability, registered in the Central Register of Licences (CRB). The municipalities and the CBR consult this list to determine whether you’ve passed the exam. The registration of the Declaration of driving is for three years, and the registration of the Declaration of suitability for a year.

Obtain the license

At the town hall in your hometown, you can, upon presentation of a passport, ID card and the required amount, apply for a license. To be eligible for a license from the municipality, you must live in the Netherlands at the time of application, or have lived in the Netherlands for at least 185 days in the year before.

If you fail the test

When you fail the test, the examiner explains which parts were insufficient. You will also receive an email of these points. It is wise to discuss these points with your instructor for follow-up lessons.

Then the examiner will discuss the form. If your answers in the differ from the findings of the examiner, it is wise to discuss this matter with your instructor.

Failed 4 times?

After repeating the driving test for the fourth time within a five year period, you are no longer eligible for further examination. Your instructor will tell you more about this.

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