Opfriscursus Autorijden Eindhoven

opfriscursus autorijles

The 'Driving Skills Refresher Course' in Eindhoven is suitable for everyone who is in possession of a valid driving license, but for whatever reason, if you need a 'nudge' to fully participate in modern traffic again.

This can be useful if you have not driven for a long time. Or if something unpleasant happened along the way. If your confidence gained a dent. Or if you just find it pleasant to be judged by a professional once again.

Many traffic rules have been changed or renewed over the years. In practice, however, it appears that many road users are not or barely aware of this. Traffic has become busier and many road users do not look equally good. This is also the cause that many accidents happen every day. Driving this refresher course offers you the opportunity to update your knowledge of traffic rules and more importantly your "traffic insight". This way you contribute to safe traffic in the country.

Refresher lessons driving lessons in Eindhoven at Safety Drivers

This refresher course in Eindhoven is given by an instructor or instructor from Safety Drivers. Together with him or her, you put everything first in a row. What can you do? What do you need hup? So we first discuss the situations that you yourself think you have difficulty with. This could be, for example:

  1. Driving away or stopping (switching, braking and watching behavior)
  2. Overtaking (in built-up areas and on the motorway)
  3. Insert a highway, execute (speed, following distance and watch behavior)
  4. Crossroads (recognize who has priority, the speed of approaching, viewing behavior, etc.)
  5. Turn right, turn left (look behavior, insight)
  6. Parking, Keren and other special maneuvers
  7. All other courses that you have difficulty with

If the Safety Drivers instructor notices that there may be a few points for improvement while driving, he or she will, of course, discuss it with you. Maybe not always nice to hear, but it does contribute to your safety and that of other road users.

The new driving

Also in our refresher courses, we give driving lessons in "The New Driving" style. That is environmentally conscious, fuel-saving and even safer too!

Do not be ashamed ....!

You are not the first and certainly not the last who sometimes feels uncomfortable or unsafe in traffic. That is not bad at all. But it is VERY bad if you do not do anything about it. With that, you endanger yourself and others. Therefore, take that step and make an appointment without obligation to discuss openly and honestly with which we may be able to help you.

Yes, I want a refresher driving lesson!